Psychology Internship Pathways


Internship Pathways

An alternative to Postgraduate study in the Psychology pathway is undertaking an Internship Program. There are two accredited internship pathways on offer, the 4+2 pathway and the 5+1 pathway.

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4+2 Pathway
What is the 4+2 Internship Program?

The 4+2 internship pathway is an intensive supervised training program completed over two years (or equivalent part-time), after a four-year accredited undergraduate program, that enables the individual to gain the supervised practice experience necessary to become eligible to apply for general registration as a psychologist.

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5+1 Pathway
What is the 5+1 Internship Program?

The 5+1 internship pathway refers to the fifth year of a five year sequence of accredited tertiary study comprising four years of accredited undergraduate study, and one year of postgraduate coursework and practical placements, followed by a sixth year (one year full-time or equivalent part-time) supervised practice internship approved by the Psychology Board of Australia.

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Find An Internship
How do I find an Internship Program?

To be able to complete a 4+2 or 5+1 program, you must complete an internship with an accredited Psychologist who is willing to supervise you during the program.

Search For A Supervisor

There are also many colleges that offer internship programs, for example the College of Professional Psychology, Pathways Psychology Institute or Institute for Applied Positive Psychology. A simple google search will yield many more results.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Internships, especially through colleges, cost money to undertake. Take this into consideration before applying.

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