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Learn to help others, consult organisations or discover life-changing treatments by delving into the human psyche.

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Become the link between scientific discovery and innovative, real world solutions.

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Become a world-class expert in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of complex diseases and life-threatening illness.

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Fund the future by trading currencies, predicting the marking and creating investment opportunities today.

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Use scientific research to tackle disease and aging, and shape human health and biology.

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Information Technology

Design, build and program the future. Become the creator of tomorrow’s world.

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Advise and assist clients ranging from multinational conglomerates to marginalized minorities.

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Jump into the world of sales, revenue and profit. Utilise your intellectual, financial and person-centred skills to establish yourself and live the high life.

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Draw upon your inquisitive nature to discover world-changing theories, solutions and technologies.

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Explore your knowledge and passions while shaping the minds of future generations.

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How to make a career decision

Making a big career decision is always daunting, even for professionals. The best way to overcome career anxiety in choosing a new job or career is to research your options before making the decision.

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