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Oral and Dentistry

Career paths for individuals who enjoy the thought of restoring the oral health and transforming the lives of their patients, while maintaining a flexible and rewarding lifestyle.

What Dentists & Oral Specialists Do

Oral and Dentistry are fields of medicine that relate to physical diseases and illnesses affecting the mouth, gums and teeth.

Oral Medicine – In the field of medicine, Oral Medicine Professionals treat and manage individuals with illnesses and injuries related to the mouth, for example Facial Pain and Temporomandibular joint disorders or Mucosal oral disorders.

Dentistry – In the field of medicine, Dentists provide therapeutic and medical treatment for atypical or problematic development of teeth and gums, including ulcers, cavities, atypical growth and other issues.

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Dental Professionals are concerned with diagnosing, treating and managing problems with teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth. They also provide advice and guidance for ongoing oral health and care.

Registration Steps to become a Dentist

  1. 5 Year Accredited Undergraduate Dentistry Degree or 3 Years any Undergraduate Degree + 4 Year Postgraduate Dentistry Degree.
  2. General Dentistry Registration – Apply Online

Forensic Odontology Professionals are concerned with applying dentistry and dental specific knowledge to criminal and legal issues. They primarily focus on identifying humans via age assessment, examination of bite marks.

Registration Steps to become a Forensic Odontology Practitioner

  1. Accredited Undergraduate Medicine Degree or Postgraduate Medicine Degree
  2. At least two years of General Dentistry Registration
  3. 5 Years of full-time training, with at least six months in mortuary practice.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Professionals are concerned with diagnosing and treating problems with facial pain, wisdom teeth, misaligned jaws, facial injury, reconstructive surgery, dental implants, treating tumours and other jaw and facial issues.

Registration Steps to become an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Practitioner

  1. Accredited Undergraduate Medicine Degree or Postgraduate Medicine Degree
  2. General Medical Registration
  3. General Dentistry Registration
  4. 4 Years of full-time training.

Oral and Dental Medicine provides you with the following valuable skills

Dexterity & Eyesight 100%
Diagnosis, Intervention & Management of Mouth and Dental Issues 100%
Duty of Care & Ethics 95%
Manual Dexterity & Steady Hands 100%
Oral Hygiene & Treatment 100%
Reading Medical Imaging such as X-Rays 75%
Report Writing & Record Keeping 90%
Specialised & Personalised Dental Tools 90%
Surgery 60%

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