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Equity Research

A highly-rewarding career pathway for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy spending long hours researching all aspects of public companies.

What Equity Researchers Do

Equity Research professionals research and analyse public companies and publish reports and information to their bank’s clients.

Equity Researchers typically research public companies and entities and write reports on them. In these reports, they include recommendations on the estimated value of the company and other important information.

This information may include digging into financials, research of different sectors, industry analysis and company management.

Strong communication skills are essential, as equity researchers must translate difficult-to-understand financial concepts to portfolio managers and stakeholders.

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Relevant Jobs

The role of an equity analyst is to research and analyse financial data and public records of companies. They then use this analysis to construct a valuation of the company’s stock and to predict the company’s future financial picture. The majority of Equity Analysts are employed by brokerages or financial firms.

Previous Experience: 

Many positions for Equity Analysts will likely require three to six years of experience in investment banking, the advisory area of a ‘Big 4’ CA firm, management consulting, equity research or funds management.


Equity Research provides you with the following valuable skills

Communicating investment updates to investors and managers 100%
Creating financial models 90%
Data Analysis & Interpretation 85%
Mathematics 75%
Reading report statements such as financial income statements & balance sheets 100%
Writing research reports to stakeholders 100%

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