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Corporate Development

Plan and execute financial strategies ranging from acquisitions to recruitment, in order to expand or reshape organisations.

What Corporate Development Professionals Do

Corporate Development professionals are concerned with mergers, acquisitions and capital raising for a company.

Also known as ‘Corp Dev’, professionals in this pathway are typically responsible for executing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures (reduction of assets) and in-house capital raising for a corporation.

Corporate Development professionals may work alongside investment bankers to identify acquisition targets and negotiate their purchase, as well as prepare to raise the required equity or debt.

Typically, only very large companies have a Corp Dev sector as it may not be financially viable for smaller companies.

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Relevant Jobs

Corporate Development Specialists typically specialise in one or more of the below-listed Areas of Focus within Corporate Development.

Previous Experience:

Corporate Development Specialists typically have MBA, CFA or CPA credentials, as well as years of experience in investment banking or similar positions.

Corporate Development Specialists with a Mergers and Acquisitions Focus work to help companies acquire smaller firms that have assets such as skills, knowledge, customers, revenue, earnings, and/or cash flow that can significantly benefit the company.

Corp Dev Specialists with a Partnerships Focus are concerned with providing their company with a competitive advantage through developing and maintaining partnerships. For instance, in order to avoid a price war with a potential competitor, companies may prefer to establish a partnership with them, agreeing to share information, strategies and even assets.

Corp Dev Specialists are responsible for establishing and maintaining such partnerships.

Corp Dev Specialists with a Divestitures Focus are concerned with ensuring sure that the portfolios of their company are using capital in an efficient manner. They may be responsible for reviewing company asset portfolios and organising the offloading of certain assets, in order to reduce inefficiencies and increase returns.


Corporate Development provides you with the following valuable skills

Corporate Valuation 95%
Data Analysis & Interpretation 85%
Financial Analysis 100%
Financial Modelling 90%
Communication & Negotiation 90%
Risk Management 100%

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